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Chuck Norris for Huckabee

Posted by jbharp on October 22, 2007

 Kickboxer extrodinar Chuck Norris is supporting Mike Huckabee for President.


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Happy Rocktober

Posted by jbharp on October 15, 2007


The Colorado Rockies are heading to the World Series. This team is on a run.

If you’ve picked up the sports section or watched any sports coverage on tv recently, then you undoubtedly have been exposed to the Rockies. And more coverage is to come. This is a great team with good, wholesome guys enjoying America’s past-time.

Here’s a few stories about the Rockies…

Sweeping the D-Backs.

Giving to a Tulsa family.

Even a Jewish lesson.

A Sky Sox Presences.

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The Perfect Candidate

Posted by jbharp on October 9, 2007

For all of my fellow conservatives out there, we are in a bit of a quandary. It seems that all of the leading Republican presidential candidates are somewhat questionable on their conservative stances. While overall they have a favorable lean to conservative issues, there is still uneasyness on some fronts.

But there is one candidate that fits the bill – Mike Huckabee. He’s gaining ground in the polls and I think it’s because so many people are wanting a solid candidate across the board on ALL issues.

There’s plenty of time for things to start looking really positive for Huckabee, which would be positive for the entire country. Besides, there’s been a pattern among the last few presidents. Texan, Arkansan, Texan….so the next one should be Arkansan.

Another note…check out this official Huckabee blogger – uscream. He can tell you all the good things about Huckabee and the bad, if there were any thing bad.

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