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The Dangers of Moose

Posted by jbharp on August 22, 2007

Earlier this summer, I visited Norway with a friend. We tried to experience as much of the outdoors as possible. We went on many hikes around the southern region. One day as we were hiking along the trail we noticed some large tracks and fecal matter. We concluded they belong to moose. We then realize that we didn’t know what to do if we were to encounter any moose. Familarizing yourself with the local wildlife and the proper procedures is a smart thing to do. But it didn’t occur to us until we were will into a hike.

However, I now know exactly what I’d do if I were to see any moose. I would charge that thousand pound plus monster and give it a piece of hurt for destroying the planet. Well…not really. I’ll leave that to all those green peace fanatics.

The moose produces methane each year that is equivelant to an 8000+ miles car trip. See it here. Well, this isn’t the first time we blame things on the animals… ‘It wasn’t me. The dog did it. Bad dog. Bad smelly dog.’


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More on America’s Challenge

Posted by jbharp on August 22, 2007

Here are a few slideshows of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon from this past weekend. This first one shows the day in a life of a volunteer. Thank you volunteers – grapes, M&M’s, and watered down Gatorade taste best coming from you.

Aid Station

This slideshow captures the greatness of this challenge. The musical accompaniment doesn’t hurt though. Honestly, with this music I could make eating a carrot look spectacular.

America’s Challenge

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Posted by jbharp on August 20, 2007

Yesterday was the 52nd annual Pikes Peak marathon. I’ve ran it the previous two years but decided to sit out this time around. And up until yesterday I’m glad I did. But seeing the runners on the finishing stretch along Ruxton Ave, I had envious thoughts.

Last year one of my training partners didn’t run it but instead volunteered at an aid station. It was great having her support as I ran passed the station she attended. After the race she mentioned how much she wished she was running instead of handing out water. Now I know what she was talking about. In fact I went to cheer her on as she neared the finish line. As I cheered and encouraged each runner that passed, I wished that it was me – salt buildup around the edges of my face, feet that are so hot they are just aching for fresh air, what feels like acid pumping through my quads and calves, and (if I were lucky enough to fall on the decent) blood and dirt mixed together on my knees, palms and a shoulder.

It’s a bit of a crazy thing to do, but the feeling of accomplishment is well worth the effort. I’m going to do a few “flat land” marathons this year (marathons that don’t have an 8000′ elevation climb). I hope to get a challenge and a rush of excitement crossing those finish lines. Whether it’s as glorious as the Peak or not, I can tell you exactly where I’ll be next year on the third weekend in August.

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My Second Full-time Job

Posted by jbharp on August 12, 2007

It consumes a great deal of time. Then it continues to pile up work and projects. And slowly it demands more time and more money. Home Ownership. Numerous activities take my time away from me during the week- running, improv, grocery shopping, even my real full-time job (40 hrs a week is a lot of time!!!). But all of these tasks are enjoyable and welcome with anticipation. But house work?!?!? Uuugghhh.

To keep the place semi clean is nearly impossible. No surprise for a house with three bachelors and two long-haired dogs. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like with kids. The yard work seems to be never ending. I’m looking forward to the cold of winter killing off everything growing. I guess that’s one of the few good reasons for summer to end.

And then we get to the repairs and the fix-it-ups. I am now in the middle of my first significant repair. The drain pipe from my kitchen sink and dishwasher has a leak. I could tell by the massive amounts of water pouring through the basement ceiling directly under the kitchen. So today I cut a hole in my ceiling and witnessed with my own eyes water raining down from the black ABS-DWV Schedule 40 pipe. For now, a bucket remains underneath the sink and the dishwasher unused. And tomorrow I will make a trip to The Home Depot after work and pick up the needed parts and pieces. Then try to find some time in the week to make the repair. Oh gosh, I haven’t even thought about fixing the hole yet. I’ll get to it soon enough though. 

I dread the duties of home ownership. But I’m still in the first two years. I admit after finishing the household chores and projects (mowing, painting, and soon to be added to the credentials- plumbing repairs) there is a fulfillment that comes from a job completed. The smell of the fresh cut grass; the look of a brand new room (even though the color didn’t turn out as expected); and the sound of water flowing properly through the pipes; these are the satisfactions that come from owning a house…until tomorrow when something else demands time and money.

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