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Welcome. Here’s where I start telling you about me – Jared. I have two older brothers. Growing up, they referred to me as “Bad Dog”. (among other names). I also address them by that same name. It’s just how us brothers get along.

I grew up in the Mule Jumping Capital of the World, Pea Ridge Arkansas. It truly is one of the greatest places on this planet. I spent 4.5 years in the splendid college town of Stillwater Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma State University. And now I’m in the magnificent city of Colorado Springs where I get to see the amazing, astonishing, awesome Pikes Peak every day. Wow!

So now I work for the local Utilities, diligently giving people gas. It’s a gas.

Finally, I have to say that I love life. A few things that make life so lovable for me – running, improv, snowboarding, coffee, the bible, randomness, logic, beer, York peppermint patties, family, friends, my dogs, and my heavenly father, creator, and savior. Yo JC!


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