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Back from the Dead

Posted by jbharp on October 13, 2008

About five months ago I was preparing to have a group of close friends over for a meal. It was a special meal that I have yet to write about but will…soon. Because it was a special occasion I decided to begin cleaning a few days prior, especially since I was running a race in Pueblothat morning. In the midst of cleaning I began one of my favorite chores…loading the dishwasher. This chore can be a unique, mind-challenging puzzle I call Dishwasher Tetris.


I gathered all the dishes I could find and begin. Every dirty dish sits in front of me so I can see what I’m up against. Then I go to work wedging in each plate, glass, and fork. ‘There’s too much on top…move some of the bowls to the bottom rack. Put the small plates nearly on top of each other. Turn half of the utensils up and half down.’ These are a few strategies I enact when cramming in the dishes. Most of the time I manage to fit everything in the dishwasher AND get the door closed. This time was no exception. Job complete as I dumped in the detergent, closed the door, pressed the start button, and heard hot water start to flow.


As I turned around to attend another chore, I spotted a lonely cup in the corner next to the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe I missed it, but I knew there was still room in the top rack…the plastic cups weren’t even squeezed together. So I managed it between the prongs for an overtime win against the dishwasher. Again I closed the door and pressed the start button, but this time there was no response. My dishwasher quit.


Over the last five months I’ve done a lot of washing dishes by hand. So has my roommate #1, my roommate #2, friends in my improv troupe, my mom, and my roommate’s mom. I kept debating whether I should call a repair main or just own up and replace the thing. I really had no idea why it quite. I just know that many hours were being spent over my sink.


It all changed this weekend. A friend asked me if my dishwasher was still broken but before I replied with a quick affirmative, I decide to check. I made sure the door was closed and pressed the button. JUBILATION! The dishwasher started. I don’t know why or how, but I’m grateful.


My dishwasher was dead, but now it is alive. At this moment, it is getting an extensive clean from a jetdry clean pack (costly little thing, but after five months of stagnant water the inside needed it). So a big…Welcome Back!!! More Tetris fun to be had.


2 Responses to “Back from the Dead”

  1. Stefanie said

    “Back from the Dead” is a totally appropriate title for your first post in 7 years.

    And I am shamelessly going to take credit for your return to the world of nerdiness. Seriously, only nerds turn household chores into brain puzzles.
    I’ve never done that…
    unless you count trying to vacuum entire carpeted areas without leaving footprints.

    But who doesn’t do that?

  2. Kelsey said

    You crack me up 🙂 Glad to see your back in action!

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