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Escalators and soft shoes

Posted by jbharp on September 30, 2007

I read this story a few weeks ago. There is a mom who is upset at the trendy shoe Croc. Her 4-year old boy got his foot caught in an escalator while wearing the soft shoe and lost a toenail. After the mother learned of other incidents involving escalators and Crocs she says, “If I had known, those would never have been worn.”

I think she ended her investigation too early. Did she bother looking into all escalator incidents? I can’t believe that all of them involved a Croc shoe. So why is she not blaming the escalator manufacturer? Why does she not say, “If I had known there were accidents and injuries on escalators, I would have never stepped on one?”

Possibly because this would be a ridiculous statement. After all, accidents happen on stairs too. Yet it seems that we feel good about eliminating one threat to our lives that is relatively minor while we live in a delusions to more legitimate threats. The bottom line is that we can’t eliminate every single danger from our lives and live in a perfect risk free society. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves and we need people to teach us that.

I think this mom needs to realize her duty to protect her children. In this case she’s blaming a shoe because she failed to teach her child how to step off of an escalator. As a child I remember having a resounding fear as I approached the end of the escalator. There was an intensity in my mom’s voice when she instructed me to make sure my shoe laces weren’t caught. Then grasping on to my mom’s hand with every once of strength came the leap for life as we approached the end of the moving steps. I’m sure I was told that my leg could be ripped off by the escalator if I wasn’t careful (although that may have came from my brothers).

I’m not terrified of stepping off the escalators anymore. But a little dose of fear saved me from a hefty dose of pain…like losing a toe or leg.


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Cancer will not run unopposed in ’08

Posted by jbharp on September 20, 2007

This is an email I received from the Lance Armstrong Foundataion.

Be a part of this army – the LIVESTRONG ARMY.

In the 30 years since President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer, the disease has never drawn any significant political attention or opposition. Until now.

Today, thanks to the thousands of voices of the LIVESTRONG Army and the historic LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum held August 27-28, cancer has become part of the national dialogue.

At the two-day Forum, six presidential candidates pledged to renew the war on cancer and to make cancer a national priority. See what they said.

We must ensure our next President is focused on the cancer issue. He or she must be committed to our health and well-being and have the political will to do something about it.

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Imitating Myself

Posted by jbharp on September 13, 2007

I often seek to be a man who is steadfast and sturdy. A man confident and sure in his ways. A man who does not change with the blowing winds. But then I realize “I’m only 28 years old. I surely can’t have life all figured out. I must certainly have room to grow and develop.”

Earlier this year I had a friend from college tell me that I’ve changed since graduating nearly 5 years ago. She made it clear that it the statement was not intended as an insult. However, would it have been insulting to offer the contrary, that I’m the same old Jared?

I know I must be careful not to get stubbornly stuck in my ways. And it continues to be easier to do so with the development of habits (good or bad).

The Jewish High Holy Days began Wednesday night with Rosh Hashana. This is the time of year for in-depth self reflection and anaylsis. I came across an article at Aish.com that suggests we often imitate ourselves.

…most of us, at some point in life, either consciously or not, become satisfied with who we become satisfied with who we are and what we’ve become. As such, we cease to strive toward attaining greater spiritual heights. We are content to live out our remaining days as a mere imitation of ourselves!

Therefore, the question we all must ask is: Have I become an imitation of myself? And if so, when did it happen and what factors are to blame? Is it malaise, a crisis in belief, anger at God, or simply laziness? Unless we find the root of the problem, how can we hope to uproot it?

But there’s another, perhaps bigger, question: Who do I want to be?

 I’m still trying to strike a balance between steadfastness and change in myself. One thing I do know is to not imitate myself, but rather be an imitator of Christ.

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American Gladiators

Posted by jbharp on September 2, 2007

American Gladiators, one of my favorite shows is coming back to TV. And it’s about time. Why did it ever leave in the first place? I grew up watching AG, a show that featured super stud athetes against the every day man. I watched it with my best friend every Sunday morning at 12:05 following Saturday Night Live. Getting up for church the next morning was always a challenge.

I am glad to see a new generation of children will witness this David versus Goliath type show. Soon, these kids will wait for their parents to leave for a dinner date and then transform the house into an arena of obstacles: assult, joust, and break through and conquor.

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