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Trail Running

Posted by jbharp on May 27, 2008

I ran the Oklahoma City Marathon a few weeks ago. Now that I have taken some time off for recovery, I’m moving on to the summer running season. I’ve been holding steady to some pretty light and easy running since OKC. The experts recommend one day of rest and recovery for every mile in a race. I endured about 20 days of minimal running and what little I did was at a jogging pace. But last week I jumped back into a routine. Even better though, I’m transitioning to trail running for the summer season.

I’ll be participating in the Pikes Peak Marathon for the third time on August 17. It’s my goal this year to place in my age group. It’ll be tough but I’m thrilled to be spending hours of my weeks on the trails, instead of on flat roads. Last week I climbed the Manitou Incline with a new record: 28 minutes and 56 seconds (that’s 26 seconds better than my previous record).

I’ve added a new page on my blog site (still working on it). It’s more for my use and benefit, but feel free to tab over and check it out. It’s a running page to show some of my biggest races and best times. Certainly nothing in the elite field. However, I’ve been breaking the top ten percent of the field in the last few races.

My most recent race was at a relaxed pace to enjoy the bands, beer and cupcakes along the course. I ran the Bolder Boulder yesterday with a fellow Stick Horse, Suz [here’s her story and more pics]. The Bolder Boulder is a race that should be ran purly for entertainment, that’s why we sported our own Horse Headbands. But now my running summer schedule is off to the races, which means I won’t be carrying a stick horse with me.

Here’s me and Suz with our horse headbands waiting for the official start. I carried a stick horse and rode him as I came into Folsom Stadium. I was on the big screen as I crossed the finish line.


7 Responses to “Trail Running”

  1. Suzanne said

    Ahem, “I” was on the big screen? WE were on the big screen. Share the glory, Seabiscuit.

  2. Lindsey said

    Off subject, but I saw something the other day that reminded me of you. It was a deck of cards that was titled “Bad Dog” and all thru the cards had great pics of dogs on them with funny captions. If I had had 8 dollars I would’ve bought it for you. Sorry…

  3. Suzanne said

    Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog…just sayin’.

  4. Suzanne said

    I’m just going to keep posting until I see something new.

  5. Melissa said

    Jared Harp! You poped up in my friends window when I signed on to Facebook today and I found my way here to your blog. Looks like life is going amazing for you up on Colorado Springs. I’ve actually discovered how much I love running since graduating college too! I haven’t run a full marathon yet but I’ve run 4 halfs and I’m training for my 5th and I’m going to break my PR for sure!
    Your improv group looks so fun – I love going to improv shows and I’m sure yours is great.
    Just wanted to drop by and say hi! I might add your page to my blog so I can keep up with you. Feel free to check out mine (melislea.blogspot.com).

    Melissa Allen

  6. Suzanne said

    You ran the Oklahoma City Marathon? Really? Wow.

  7. Stefanie said

    I’m with Suz.

    I just updated my blog. You are way overdue if I have already updated.

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