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A Calculated Vote

Posted by jbharp on December 16, 2007

The recent poll for Republican Candidate show that Mike Huckabee has taken the lead. I’m glad to see that he is finally getting the numbers he deserves. I’ve heard many people scoff at the notion of Huckabee getting the GOP bid and saying that he just can’t win. What nonsense!!! This is the liberal mindset towards our troops fighting the war on terror in Iraq – they just can’t win. ABSOLUTELY CONFOUNDED NONSENSE.

Well, this nonsense should no longer be tolerated. Something else that should not be tolerated…rejecting a candidate based on his religion, that is Mitt Romney(aka the Mormon). This guy shares most of the same values as Huckabee and most evangelical Christians. Theology…no, but values…yes. And since we are electing someone to lead our country as President (not a religion for the country to adopt) then the values of Huckabee and Romney are both of high caliber and ideal for our country.

Keeping in line with the primaries….this is my kind of site: The Candidate Calculator.

I’m glad to say that my top candidate is …Sooey!!!
     Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) – 91.96%
Followed by another fine republican candidate…
     Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney – 87.50%
The Democratic front runners were on the lower end of my list…
      Illinois Senator Barack Obama – 36.61%
      New York Senator Hillary Clinton – 30.36%

I got this calculator from a site of an official blogger for Huckabee.


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Chuck Norris for Huckabee

Posted by jbharp on October 22, 2007

 Kickboxer extrodinar Chuck Norris is supporting Mike Huckabee for President.

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The Perfect Candidate

Posted by jbharp on October 9, 2007

For all of my fellow conservatives out there, we are in a bit of a quandary. It seems that all of the leading Republican presidential candidates are somewhat questionable on their conservative stances. While overall they have a favorable lean to conservative issues, there is still uneasyness on some fronts.

But there is one candidate that fits the bill – Mike Huckabee. He’s gaining ground in the polls and I think it’s because so many people are wanting a solid candidate across the board on ALL issues.

There’s plenty of time for things to start looking really positive for Huckabee, which would be positive for the entire country. Besides, there’s been a pattern among the last few presidents. Texan, Arkansan, Texan….so the next one should be Arkansan.

Another note…check out this official Huckabee blogger – uscream. He can tell you all the good things about Huckabee and the bad, if there were any thing bad.

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Cancer will not run unopposed in ’08

Posted by jbharp on September 20, 2007

This is an email I received from the Lance Armstrong Foundataion.

Be a part of this army – the LIVESTRONG ARMY.

In the 30 years since President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer, the disease has never drawn any significant political attention or opposition. Until now.

Today, thanks to the thousands of voices of the LIVESTRONG Army and the historic LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum held August 27-28, cancer has become part of the national dialogue.

At the two-day Forum, six presidential candidates pledged to renew the war on cancer and to make cancer a national priority. See what they said.

We must ensure our next President is focused on the cancer issue. He or she must be committed to our health and well-being and have the political will to do something about it.

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Own it!!!

Posted by jbharp on July 14, 2007

Today I was traveling with a coworker to Missouri Mountian here in Colorado. It’s another 14er that I have attempted once before, but due to weather had to turn around. However, today beautiful sunshine guided us to a great summit on top at 14,197′.

On our way back to Colorado Springs we saw a sign on private property with the message “Stop the Springs from stealing the water” [paraphrase]. It had one of those big red circles with a slash through it over a drop of water. Da da dummmm.

Well, there is a great deal of anger and a fair share of misperceptions toward my wonderful town here in southern Colorado. I am privy enough to hear the discords due to working at Colorado Springs Utilities. This is the jist of it; Apparently several of the surronding areas are upset at Colorado Springs for existing…more specifically for growing and thriving.

It’s an ongoing battle in the water wars of Colorado. I never realized just how precious a commodity water is until I moved out to the Rocky Mountain state. I’ve learned seniority is a huge factor in determining the owner of water. I was fortunate enough to move to a town that had senior rights on several watersheds within the state. But until recently Colorado Springs has not been using this water. It has been left where surrounding communities are free to use it for their own purposes.

There is a huge lack of gratitude in this picture. Water that is the property of Colorado Springs/El Paso County has been free for use to various other areas in the state for generations. The Springs owns the water and other communities have been using it!!! We own it!!! And they are using it!!!! For free!!!!

Now the Springs is saying “Sorry, you can’t use our water for free anymore because we need it for our own livelihood.” And the response is that we are thiefs.

These other communities feel as if their existense is more valid than the Springs. I’m not saying one is more important than the other. But the water rights come down to the rules and statutes that have been put in place. The absence of law and order would put our state and country in a state of chaos.

Sadly, my state (I’m sure there are others) is experience some communities in chaotic mode…I think they should be, first, in a mode of appreciation. Then take some pointers from the planners in Colorado Springs and start looking for honorable, legal ways to grow and thrive.

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Christian Watchdog on the Simpsons

Posted by jbharp on May 21, 2007

Sunday night I caught the latest episode of the Simpons (at least the latest for me). The show did not begin with the usual opening – Bart’s chalkboard sentences, Lisa on the Saxama-phone, Marge and Maggie racing through the driveway nearly running over Homer and the infamous family gathering couch gag. Instead a short of the Simpsons from 20 years ago titled “Family Portriat” opened the show. Incredible!! The Simpsons have been around for 20 years!!! Amazing!!! What an excellent show!!

Quite often the show draws it’s humor from sterotypes – from Vegans, to Austrialians, to Ex-Presidents. Of course, it takes a swing (or dozens) at Evangelical Christians. The show’s “poster child” evangelical, right-wing, conservative republican is the neighbor Ned Flanders.

Sunday’s episode protrayed Flanders as a watchdog of TV programs. It was a spoof from the recent Don Imus incident, in which he was ultimately fired for an offensive comment. Springfield’s Channel 6 Kent Brockman played the role of Imus and said something fowl live on-air. After the incident was caught by the watchful eye of Flanders, the fictional news anchor Brockman, like Imus, lost his job.

I do give the writers credit, because they make fun of everyone under the sun. But in this episode they pegged the “Christian Watchdog” to the wrong political party. Ned Flanders and the representation of the Republican Party was not an accurate relfection of the Imus situation. It was Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the left who took the most offense at Imus’ comment. It was due to the hype and cries from the left that resulted in the firing of Imus.

I’ll admit that usually it is Flander types (dare I say, Dobson types) who protest vulgarity, crudeness, and indecency on the airwaves, but this time it wasn’t. Maybe Fox is just now making fun of all the hype and cries that were made nearly 20 years ago about that spikey-hair, skateboarding, derespectful child Bart and his inappropriate comments – “Eat my shorts, man.”

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Protesters focus on the family

Posted by jbharp on May 13, 2007

This topic may be a few days (or weeks) old, but with plenty of debates to come it’s bound to pop up again soon. It’s in regards to the Mayday March that took place on May 1. I happened to be in downtown Seattle on this day, so I got a personal viewing of the march/protest.

A few chants rang through the largely Hispanic crowd. I finally asked one person what one chant meant (si! se puede! – I think). It translated to “Yes, we can.” I’m not sure what exactly they were referring to though.

Many signs and banners seemed to focus on families and made there way down the street with the crowds. The signs and banners read “Keep families together” and “Don’t split families.” For the first time I finally soaked in the “family” talking point in the illegal immigration debate. And I find it be a irrelevant and void point.

I was in a conference that morning, in which the speaker talked about ethics. He reviewed some scandals from recent history: Adelphia, Worldcom, and mostly Enron. Near the end of his speech, we saw the sentences handed down to some of the people involved in these scandals. Years of jail time was given.

I don’t remember any marches taking place for Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling or Andy Fastow. After the Enron fiasco, these men were ripped away from their families. Yet, no protest (save for their legal defense) was made to keep the families of these men together. And for good reason. Because they broke the law. Many people lost nearly their entire life savings because of the actions of these men.

Now back to the Mayday Marches, there are many illegal immigrants in our country (around 13 million last I check). Although most of these people are decent and hard workers, there are a few that are on the scandalous side. Just like the Enron guys they are out to steal from hard working Americans – our livelihood, our freedom, our capitalist society, and some are out to steal our very own lives.

Laws can’t and shouldn’t be broken without the consequences to follow. Even if one of the side consequence is separation from the one’s you love, whether it’s separations by jail bars or borders.

So when is the proper time to focus on the family? Is keeping a family together the only thing that matters? The law must stand for something.

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Diversity Month

Posted by jbharp on May 1, 2007

Yesterday, being the last day in April, saw the closure of Diversity Month.

A diversity celebration website claims that “by setting aside a period of time to better understand and strengthen that which binds us despite our differences, we will gain a deeper understanding of each other and develop a greater sense of connection-creating the energy among us needed to positively change our world.”

I don’t understand exactly how this “energy” is created. For example my group at work consist of five people; two white males, one white female, one Hispanic woman, and one Indian woman. But down the hall there is a group that is made of seven white men and one Hispanic man, a group that appears to lack ‘diversity.’ Does this mean that my group does a better job because of our ‘diversity?’ Has my group created an ‘energy’ because of our differences? The promoters of diversity would have to proclaim my work group contains more of the ‘world changing power’ than our counterpart group down the hall.

Wouldn’t this lead us to possibly conclude a Hispanic and Indian are better than two whites. Or a white and a Jew are better than a black and Asian. If we make the claim that diversity creates an ‘energy,’ then we should be able to determine what will achieve the optimal “energy.’

If this were presented to a promoter of diversity or if you ask what exactly ‘diversity’ means, you would hear something like “diversity goes beyond race, gender, color and ethnicity. It is the differences that exists in all of us. It involves our past, And all of our stories”

My company was awarded a community diversity award last year. Was it due to each of the employees unique experiences growing up? Our past experiences? Or all our various, diverse stories? I highly doubt so. I never was asked about my stories. I suspect it came from our company’s strive to be ‘diverse’ which has created a large number of women and minorities within our company. I guess when recognizing diversity, you can’t go beyond race, gender, and ethnicity.

Diversity doesn’t really bother me, because it is a common fact of life. Everyone is different. No two people are the same. But what bothers me about diversity is the shameless, lack of thought and inconsistency in promoting diversity. Suddenly we are encouraged to celebrate something that has been around forever. So now that May is here, perhaps we should celebrate something like language, agriculture or math.

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Global Fever

Posted by jbharp on April 12, 2007

With massive media coverage, Academy Awards, and growing debates, Global Warming is obviously a hot topic today. Just last week the cover of Time Magazine pictured a penguin while boasting of a 51 step survival guide and less than a year ago a polar bear walked across the magazine’s cover next to the warning “Be Worried. Be Very Worried.”

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard a few individuals mention a hype about global cooling that took place in the 70’s. After a little searching, I found a Time article from June of 1974 titled “Another Ice Age?”

This article stated “that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades.” And tragically that the cooling “trend shows no indication of reversing.” I wonder if people really feared the threat of another Ice Age? Were there images of people living in an ice cave, barefoot and huddled around a small fire with nothing but a tattered animal fur barely covering their upper body?

Maybe that fear existed, but it seems that a more hysterical fear has emerged from the new global heating trend with certainty that that the warming is caused by human activity. As opposed to entirely blaming the human race, and the Hummers they drive, the 1970 article at least mention a more logical cause. The common sense statement assessed that the “changing weather is apparently connected with differences in the amount of energy that the earth’s surface receives from the sun.” What a mind blowing concept – the sun effects the temperature on planet earth.

It seems at the time, the notion that man could have a drastic effect on the earth was not a notion widely believed. After mentioning the role of the sun, the article was only willing to go so far as to say that “Man, too, may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend.”

“May” and “somewhat” are words far from today’s accusations made towards man causing global warming. If man can change the weather, I certainly wish we could get rid of this cold and snowy weather and bring on summertime. Would it help if I bought a Hummer?

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Edna Just Got Expensive

Posted by jbharp on March 5, 2007

Nearly every other Wednesday morning over the last two years I’ve eaten “The Classic Mayor” omelet (tomatoes, mushrooms, and a generous helping of black pepper) with chicken, while joining two friends for breakfast. Typically, they both order “Edna the Egglady” (an omelet with three types of cheeses) with ham. On our plates next to a mound-like omelet are a pile of potatoes, a small slice of cantaloupe, and an English muffin that is soaked in butter equal to it’s weight. One week we actually all decided to order something different, and came back a few weeks later briefly discussing change for the sack of change. What a horrible idea. Ever since then we hold steadfast to our normal orders.

This is one of the best places in Colorado Springs for breakfast. I’m not completely confident in saying that though, because I honestly haven’t tried many other breakfast joints. The quality of food and friendly staff at The Omelet Parlor are so superb, that my friends and I have not ventured to any other location. We are quite content there. In addition to this, we meet at 6:30 in the morning which is directly in the middle of the everyday “breakfast happy hour” that promotes omelets at half price. My total ticket is less that $4 for a full meal that postpones all hunger well into the early afternoon. What a deal!!! The price amazing. That is until recently.

Last November, Coloradans voted in favor of an amendment that not only increased minimum wage at the beginning of 2007, but it will also up the amount in years to come. It appears that we are already seeing the affects from this amendment. My omelet now cost $0.50 more than before and this is after the half-price tally. Other restaurants have notably increased their prices too. I can handle this slight increase, but this shows the predictions of opponents to Amendment 42 coming true.

As I was at the register paying my bill, I found myself quickly debating whether I should adjust my gratuity for the extra expense of the meal. I wondered how many other people had done that, and thought the $0.50 tip loss for each customer wouldn’t nearly make up for the $0.80/hour raise my waitress received due to the workings of the amendment.

If you’re in the mood to exercise your brain, here are two sites about Amendment 42. I was just looking over them and found the differing arguments interesting. Can you spot the fallacies? I’ll make some comments later as I read through them a bit more.
For & Against

Meanwhile, this amendment is affecting every statewide restaurant. Thus, The Omelet Parlor should continue being the best food at the best price. Even though the Mayor and Edna are more expensive, I’ll still be meeting at The Omelet Parlor every other Wednesday morning for breakfast. And if you are ever visiting Colorado Springs, I’ll be happy to treat you to breakfast if you’re willing to get there before the “breakfast happy hour” ends at 7:00 (sorry, offer does not apply for local residents).

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