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A day of struggle

Posted by jbharp on February 17, 2007

It’s been a trying time a work the last few days. Not due to the work load. Not due to conflicting personalities. And not just for me. Last Friday (2/09) we received the news of an unexpected death of a receptionist for the field engineering department. And yesterday (2/16) we came into work hearing of yet another man in the engineering support group passing away the previous night.

The relief and unhurried feel that is typified on Fridays was replaced by grief and sadness. I was not on a daily contact with either of the two individuals, yet over the few years I’ve been here (and the many years they were here) working relationships along with friendships developed. It is clear to see and sense sorrow from so many who know these relationships will not continue on this earth.

Although I and a few others here at work are comforted that these two individuals both knew Christ as their savior (the guy made the commitment just three months ago), death remains to be difficult and a testing truth of life to undergo.

Sitting in my office yesterday attempting to do some work, I was reminded that a battle is going on in this world. A battle is going on right here in my workplace. I couldn’t help but feel that I’ve been a lazy soldier. There have been days I’ve left work with a beautiful, blue sky and brilliantly, warm sun. But I felt as if a dark, wicked cloud had been over and within my office building all day. I’ve found myself anxious to leave and ready to get away on those days. My life would be much more comfortable if those days never existed. Scripture is clear about what is going on…

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph6.12

I believe God was evident in directing me to my current workplace. So I am recommitting my work at Utilities to Him. I’m not sure what it will look like, but I want to be in the midst of the struggle. I do not want to flee from it. I know this to be true though; my workplace needs comfort, my workplace needs wisdom, my workplace needs love. And I know the true source to satisfy these needs.

So, the battle continues…


2 Responses to “A day of struggle”

  1. Suzanne said

    Thanks for sharing, Jared. Your contemplation reminds me of what I have been reading about William Wilberforce. He was a Christian who made a huge difference in his secular workplace. You may want to check out this blog, but I wrote:

    Wilberforce chose to stay in the world in which he had influence rather than retreat to a more comfortable Christian atmosphere.

    Drew Dyck writes:

    Ironically, the man who would do so much to transform society suffered the same misperception as me at the outset of his spiritual journey. He thought that Christian spirituality demanded retreating from the world. This conviction created a dilemma. When Wilberforce became a Christian at the age of 25, he had already established himself in British politics. But he didn’t believe that he could continue in a secular career as a Christian. Politics, he reasoned, was no place for a man of faith. But what could he do? Politics was his field. It was where he excelled. It was what he had trained for.

    Ultimately, Wilberforce (counseled by his friend John Newton) discovered, “The principles of Christianity require action as well as meditation.” Action required he stay in his field.

  2. doug baskin said


    Many are the struggles I have had with this issue…being in the workplace for over thirty years the struggles continue…however one of the best books on this subject is by an author “Shelton” can’t remember his first name but the book is “in His steps” available at any library….also i have enjoyed reading about your journey….your Dad and I were very close friends…we spent many nights chewing on the Word in Pea Ridge….I miss him and think about him often….keep looking for the right paths on your journey.

    Doug Baskin
    Atlanta, GA

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